Travertine Cleaning Mornington Peninsula

Travertine Cleaning Mornington Peninsula

Travertine is a material formed when limestone is exposed to high pressures and temperatures. It is well known for providing a high degree of polish and elegance to your flooring or walkways. However, this also means that it is more noticeable when travertine loses its signature appeal. We are a team of professionals, based in the Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula, that helps bring back the brilliance your travertine has lost. There are many kinds of finishes for this material including
honed, filled, brushed, and tumbled. Each one of these finishes requires a different set of techniques to restore correctly. We are ready with all the equipment to handle your travertine no matter what finish you have.

  • Sealant Application/Removal
  • Surface Finishing
  • Polishing

About Travertine Cleaning Mornington Peninsula Services

Travertine ties together different home styles depending on the type of finish applied. It can be matte, rough, brushed over, or dotted with colored filling in its pores. Whether it is customized solvents, high-power cleaners, or pressurized water cleaning, you can trust our team of experts to handle your travertine in the best possible way. Although travertine is not a material that necessitates sealing, we recommend doing so if yours has a polished surface applied. We use water or solvent-based, acid-free sealants to maintain the intended color of your travertine while protecting it from damaging elements. Check our Services

Travertine Cleaning Mornington Peninsula

Our Travertine Cleaning and Sealing Process


Our experts perform an assessment before beginning the process to determine your
specific needs.

Soil Removal:

We use the pressure washing technique to clean our dirt, grime and debris from your concrete surface without damaging the floor.

Chemical Application:

We will then apply an alkaline based chemical and leave it to dwell.


After the chemical had a chance to dwell, we'll scrub the floor if required.


The tile and grout surface will be pressure cleaned with a truck mount extraction machine.

Sealant Application:

Our sealant is slip free and long lasting so you can rest easy knowing your investment is well protected.


We finish up with a final inspection of your travertine to make sure that your goals
were met.

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