TOP 10 FAQs on Tile and Grout Cleaning

The frequency of tile and grout cleanings depends on a lot of factors. How many people live in your house? Do you live with a pet? In what rooms is your tile is located? These considerations can greatly affect the rate your tiling deteriorates. However, as a baseline standard, we recommend looking for tile and grout cleaning services every 2 to 5 years. This is enough time for your sealant to lose some of its efficacy and make it more susceptible to bacteria and staining.
Store bought chemicals and a hard scrub won’t do much to remove long time stains in your tiling and grout. Powerful cleaning solutions coupled with high-power equipment is necessary to draw out these contaminants. Of course, correct knowledge on how to operate these tools to avoid damaging tile is also a must.
Using our equipment, most cases of black grout can be returned to its previous color. Of course, there are always extreme cases where the grout has gone unprotected for far too long and the color has set too deep. In these situations, there are various coloured sealants that can give it a new, clean appearance as well.
We apply a long-lasting sealant to the tile and grout that penetrates deep and keeps moisture and contaminants from entering them. This improves the material’s lifespan and extends the time between cleanings.
The lifespan of a sealant can fluctuate based on factors such as the amount of foot traffic, the type of material, and the chemicals used for future cleanings. Most sealants remain reliable for between five to fifteen years.
Clear sealers do not affect the colour, sheen, or the texture of tile and grout. They protect your flooring without altering its appearance. If you need sealers than can alter your tile, then there are separate options that can make your tile look like another material or color.
Sealants typically dry in about two hours of applying the final coat. Though this time frame can be lengthened depending on environmental conditions like temperature and humidity. However, we recommend giving it a full day before you see the full effects.
Basic cleaning and maintenance can be performed easily using a mop and a neutral PH solution. If your tile is a unique material or you require further instruction, one of our team members will be happy to provide guidance.
Leaving liquids or contaminants on your grout will stain it eventually. While sealers do provide a high- level of protection against discolouration, it is a preventative measure designed to give the homeowner time to clean the source. Due to the porous nature of grout, it cannot be protected from long-term exposure without a stronger sealant that alters the appearance of grout.
Tile and grout are often used in areas that have high exposure to moisture and accidents. These include kitchens and bathrooms, areas you use on a daily basis. Most non-sealed tile is fairly porous and will quickly absorb anything spilled onto it. Sealing your tile provides vital time to clean the area before a stain can set.

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