If you need a company in Melbourne to clean your tiles and grout, there’s no one better than Melbourne Tile Cleaners. Our skilled workers have years of experience and the best tools to finish the job. Those who own or run businesses have the most to fear from mildew, mold, and moss. They’re everywhere, and it’s almost impossible to get rid of them. These two things look bad, and they’ll speed up the wear and tear on your tile. When you use an acid wash to get rid of these annoying growths, it will be easy. A new coat of tile paint will make your house look a lot better right away. People who are about to put their house on the market should pay attention to this. We promise that we will do a good job quickly and efficiently.


Tiles that have been sealed will endure longer. Before applying the sealer, it is very important to make sure that your tile is clean. This way, it won’t get dirty again. The only way to remove stains from your tile is to use restoration cleaning. You can use a variety of methods to power wash tiles. In order to keep you safe, this is the most vital item. If you have the time and money, anyone can accomplish it. You may believe it, but do you really? If you were to clean your tile by hand, how long and how much effort would it take? You’ll need specialist equipment and a lot of time to get the job done right. Give us a call right away. We’ll get the job done right the first time, no matter how long it takes.



We will inspect the tiles and grout floor to find any problem areas that need attention or special treatment.

Soil Removal

We will remove any debris on the floor by thoroughly vacuuming the area to be cleaned.

Soil Suspension

We use the top-quality cleaning chemicals; this will be applied all over the surface of the tile.


Once the chemical has had time to dwell, we will then use our truckmount Cleaning Machine.


Once again, we will inspect the tiles with you making sure the all the areas are thoroughly cleaned.

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