Sandstone Cleaning Melbourne

Sandstone Cleaning Melbourne

Grout haze is a common problem that many property owners face after the installation of new
tile surface. Grout haze or cloudiness is caused when the grout installer did not wipe all the
grout off the tile surfaces letting it dry and harden on the tiles making it look dirty. You might
wipe down the tiles thinking this will get rid of the excess grout only to see the milky white film
return. Grout haze requires extra cleaning and here at Melbourne Tile Cleaners, we specialise in
grout haze removal in Melbourne. We have years of experience in tile cleaning and use
specially formulated solutions to break down the grout haze rendering elegant looking tiles.
Grout haze removal
Cleaning the tiles
Up the aesthetic appeal of tiles
Eco-friendly tile cleaning solutions

Grout Haze Removal

Grout haze is a by-product of tile installation that leaves a dull white film on your tiles. While it
does not cause any problem to tile but is unsightly and ruins the aesthetic appeal of the floor.
Moreover, if it is left untreated for long, it causes the tiles to get dirty quickly causing
unsanitary look and can also damage the integrity of tiles. Call Melbourne Tile Cleaners today
and book our expert grout haze removal Melbourne services to get rid of the unsightly haze
from your tile flooring.

Our Grout Haze Removal Process


Our qualified technicians inspect your tile floor as you might have porcelain, sandstone, limestone, marble or granite tiles. All need different treatment.

Selecting the Solution

Depending on your tile floor material, we select specially formulated solutions to clean out the grout haze.

Apply the Solution

Our expert technicians apply the solution on the tiles and let it dwell for 15 to 20 minutes to break down haze.

Heavy-Duty Floor Scrubber

After grout haze is chemically broken, we use our heavy-duty floor scrubber to loosen up the rest of the grout haze.

Rinse the Surface

After all the grout haze is loosened, our experts use a high pressure truckmount machine to rinse the surface with fresh water.

Highly Effective Process

Our grout haze removal Melbourne process is effective and does not damage tile surfaces anddo not leave any residue.
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