Why Do Floor Tiles Get Cracked?

Nobody likes a dirty, damaged tile floor. It looks ugly, it’s unhygienic, and it reduces the value of your property. So the question is, why do floor tiles get cracked?

Dropping heavy things on the floor

Floors take damage. That’s what they’re designed for. But over a long period of time, damage builds up, and tiles begin to crack and get damaged. This is especially true of heavily-trafficked areas like the kitchen. Commercial workplaces like factories take quite a beating and endure tremendous tile damage.

Substandard materials

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Some floors may cost less money, but they will tend to be made out of less durable materials. If a floor gets damaged earlier than you expected, it’s likely due to substandard materials. Before this happens, consider investing in high-quality materials for your floor. It may cost more upfront but it will pay off down the road.

Heavy Loads

You don’t have to drop things for a floor to take a beating. Floors often get things dragged across them and have lots of wear and tear. The perfect example is a laundry room with a rocking washer/dryer setup. Constant movement can cause wear and tear on tiles that will show over time.

Other Factors

Improperly jointed tile may cause movement, which will contribute to damage. Cracks or damage in the concrete under-surface will cause cracking and damage in the tile over-surface.
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